Hey, I’m Sebastian,
I am an 18 year old Developer from Oldenburg in Germany. For more than 4 years I'm working as an freelance developer. In this time I learned a lot about developing itself and created many projects. I’m primarily a back-end Developer and work mostly with Java and php. But I also create front-end if needed. Currently I’m preparing for college and during leisure time I’m working on my projects.
I am designing GUI’s for more than 3 years, mostly as an web-application via html/css/Javascript.
I create backend-applications since more than 4 years. I create this software mostly with Java or C#.
I administrate Servers
for more than 2 years.

Languages I`m working with

SQL BASIC C html JavaScript css XML Java php C#

But from where do I know all about programming?

This question I will answer here shortly:
Because of the point, that in my old school IT was very important, they had Robotik-AG, where i learned C with BrixCC. 1 month before i had only learned some basics of BASIC, but C helped me more. After some months, the Robotik-AG was closed for rest of the year, because the tournaments has beend finished. This was round about easter 2014 and so i started to learn Java through the Bukkit/Spigot-API by myself.

After some time I had learned many things and searched new challenges and had found them in Java-Software. Round about Christmas 2014 I started to work with my friend on "Robotix", a robot. This was a project by the Robotik-AG, but this time not with C, this time i used Java. At the same time I started to learn html/css, which I used together with php 2015 for the first version of ProfileBlog.

Now, I know, that this version of ProfileBlog was only an expirience. Than, after the summer holidays, it got exited . I decided to go definetly in the direction of IT and changed my school. Now Im at the TGO(technical highschool oldenburg), where I have not only the Robotik-AG, at the TGO I have 6 hours of IT plus 2 hours of IV(Here I learn to work with Databses(MYSQL, MongoDB, ...). Now I can say, that this was a very good decision. I had learned at the TGO now much more, than before and decided to study IT.