About YellowPhoenix18
A pseudonym from the internet

Hey, I am Sebastian, a 21-year old fullstack web-developer from germany, who studies business informatics at University of Oldenburg.
In the internet you might know me under my pseudonym YellowPhoenix18.

The pseudonym was initially created, when I started to play minecraft and needed a account for the game, back in 2012. The "Phoenix"-part comes from Harry Potter, as I loved the Phoenix Phorx from the film-series. The yellow was one of the colors the fire of a phoenix could have. I then have taken yellow, as yellow matched much better, than red or orange with the word Phoenix. The 18 was just a numer I took, as the name YellowPhoenix was already taken - No it was not my age.
Dieses Foto wurde erstellt von Atelier Lichtblick / Tina Leupolt

My work as programmer

Since 2014 I develop software-programs.
I started developing with TI-Basic (The programming-language for the TI-84-Plus, a calculator), a slightly changed BASIC-Language, in late 2014. This was just some weeks before I learned C in school to work with Lego Mindstorms roboters. Around a half year later around easter 2015 I started learning Java to develop plugins for Spigot, the minecraft server-software. Around 1 year later I started developing with php to create a own website, which I do along with Java ever since.


Since multiple years I`m doing photography as hobby in my free-time. I`m mostly focused on doing photos of landscape and buildings. All this goes along with my passion for video-creation.
My tools for all this doings are Actioncams from Rollei (425 & 560) as well as my Canon Powershot G7X Mark II.